To give you the latest insights and practical information on the global IPO market from professional perspectives, we warmly invite you to our inaugural “IPO Best Practices Forum”.


At this crucially important event, we are bringing together professionals from across many fields to share successful experiences:


Mr. Keith Lau, Director, IPO Consulting Services, APEC Group International Limited:

  • How should a company judge whether it is ready to go public?

Mr. Larry Lau, Director, Yanten Accounting and Tax Consultancy Limited:

  • Experience of taking a private company public as CFO

Dr. Eva Chan, Chairman, HKIRA:

  • Investor Relations Pre & Post IPO

Mr. Shani Chan, Counsel, Tian Yuan Law Firm:

  • Latest requirements and benefits for listing in Hong Kong


We look forward to welcoming you at this timely forum!

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