Based on my extensive experience to provide customized green and digital services for customers

Jo Wong, Head of Business Development Department of Elegance Financial Communication Limited (EFC), has more than a decade experience in sales and business development. He studied languages at university and then joined the company in a sales-related capacity. Prior to joining EFC, he worked in two financial printing companies in various positions.

What is the difference between working at EFC and the previous companies?

"EFC offers a wide range of services such as digital production and high-end environmental printing. I have over 10 years’ experience working for listed companies, public organisations and large commercial organisations. My in-depth experience enables me to provide more unique and customised services such as translation, web solutions and multimedia production that offer a distinct perspective."


What would you like to share with us from your extensive experience in sales?

"I think it is important to keep up with the times in the sales business, abreast of financial news and developments in the industry, and keep improving your competitiveness. In addition, one needs to be more sensitive to clients, understand their needs and preferences, and provide the best to tailor-made sales proposals to meet the companies’ needs. Also, one should be proactive in contacting clients to build mutual trust and confidence, as well as to enhance your sales efforts."


Has EFC move towards sustainability and digitilisation brought any additional advantages or changes to your work? 

"Sustainability and digitilisation are current trends in the financial printing industry, as such the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is committed to going paperless. EFC and our customers understand the importance of sustainability and digitilisation. However, in the process of transformation, the company still needs to communicate with customers, plan well and be prepared to work with clients to move towards a sustainable and digitilised future. "


What are the biggest challenges in your work? How can you solve them? 

"As the global economy continues to experience a lot of pressure, it is a major challenge for business development and we have to constantly improve our competitiveness and service level. 

EFC's high-end printing plant in Ap Lei Chau provides physical printing services. At these locations, we upgraded our printing technology and materials, as well as introduced digital printing options to our customers. We plan to develop a hybrid model of eco-friendly physical printing and digital communication to provide efficient and quality solutions to our customers.

Various EFC departments, such as translation and proofreading, design, production and printing, and customer service, have established communication channels to meet our customers’ requirements and to maintain close contact and cooperation through the company's work system."


EFC is actively expanding its business throughout the world, how will you equip yourself for these new opportunities?

"EFC's services cover a wide range of areas and different capital markets around the world such as US listed projects. We will continue to proactively promote the different services we offer so that the global markets are aware of our comprehensive financial printing and communications services, and we continue to further develop our business by opening up more opportunities."

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