Company Overview

Elegance Financial Communications Limited is a one-stop professional financial printing and communication solutions provider that’s dedicated to serving listed companies, and financial and professional institutions in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and the United States.  

We strive to offer the highest standards of service in the production and publishing of financial reports, announcements, and commercial documents – as well as providing the digital tools to communicate with different stakeholders. Our competitive advantages include innovative and outstanding design, staying fully up to date with compliance and regulatory requirements, and providing professional copywriting and translation services.  

Always in tune with the latest digital trends, Elegance and our holding company are committed to building long-term, collaborative partnerships with clients to help them stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Our Vision

To be a dedicated partner that connects clients to global capital markets by exploring innovative, sustainable and credible solutions in financial communications that go above and beyond.

Our Mission

We consistently deliver exceptional value beyond expectation - We committed to providing inspiring, agile, 360-degree solutions which include communication strategy, ESG reporting, design and creation and financial & commercial printing to advocate innovative and go-green financial communications.


Legacy and Innovation


Keep Exploring

Elegance initiated privatization in August and later opened a new office in Guangzhou


New Headquarters in Hong Kong

Elegance has moved its business beyond and relocated to a new office in Grand Millennium Plaza with over 15,000 sq. ft


Rebuilding a Presence

Elegance rebranded itself as a green financial communications partner and reinforced its core value of sustainability by adopting digitalization and low-carbon solutions


Going Public

Elegance became listed on the GEM of the HKEx


Spreading Its Wings

Elegance expanded its services to financial printing to provide document solutions for listed companies and other institutions in Hong Kong


Where Legacy Starts

Elegance established its factory in Hong Kong to offer all-round printing services for companies in different sectors


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