Elegance Financial Communication Successfully Organizes First "IPO Best Practice Forum" with HKSSA and irasia

December 16, 2021, Hong Kong) – Elegance Financial Communications Limited (“Elegance”), successfully organized the first live "IPO Best Practice Forum" at JW Marriott Hotel today with Hong Kong Sustainability Strategy Consultants (HKSSA) and irasia. The forum invited four professionals from different fields of the industry as panelists to analyze the latest IPO trends, share their successful experience and forward-looking views, and discuss the development trend of the industry.


Insight into the IPO market from multiple perspectives

Mr. Keith Lau, Director of APEC Group International Limited, has been engaged in corporate listing guidance services for many years. He delivered a speech on the topic "How should companies judge whether they are ready to go public?". His speech focused on the compliance of prospective listed companies and gave details about pre-listing preparation, such as corporate structure, sustainable development, financial performance and internal control procedures.  


Mr. Larry Lau, Director of Yanten Accounting and Tax Consultancy Limited, currently serves as the CFO for a few companies. He has extensive experience and unique insights in IPO preparation. At the forum, while he shared his successful cases, he explained comprehensively the IPO process and provided practical decision-making opinions for prospective listed companies.


Dr. Eva Chan, Chairman of Hong Kong Investor Relations Association, put forward her years of accumulated insights into pre-listing and post-listing investor relations work. She addressed that good and stable investor relation should have a positive impact on the long-term development of listed companies and maintain a positive image of the company in the capital market.


The Hong Kong IPO market has remained active in 2021. With over a decade of experience in Hong Kong's securities capital market, Mr. Shani Chan, Counsel of Tian Yuan Law Firm, introduced the advantages of the Hong Kong market in detail, including high liquidity, diversified investors and issuers, convenient financing channels and a sound regulatory system.


Ms. Patt Yuen, Chief Operating Officer of Elegance Financial Communications, said, “As an important part of the capital market, Elegance has been closely following the development trend of IPO, actively building a platform to promote information exchange effectively, and continuing the concept of sustainable development. In the future, we will continue to organize events on other topics to keep drawing stakeholders’ attention to the capital market and attract more organizations and professionals to participate in market construction.”

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Photo of organizers and panellists (from left):

Ms. Amiko Yip, Managing Director of Elegance Financial Communications;

Ms. Sandy Lam, Director of HKSSA;

Dr. Eva Chan, Chairman, Hong Kong Investor Relations Association;

Mr. Larry Lau, Director, Yanten Accounting and Tax Consultancy Limited;

Mr. Keith Lau, Director, IPO Consulting Services, APEC Group International Limited;

Mr. Osbert Kho, CEO of irasia;

Mr. Shani Chan, Counsel, Tian Yuan Law Firm;

Ms. Patt Yuen, COO of Elegance Financial Communications

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About Hong Kong Sustainability Strategic Advisory Limited (HKSSA)

Hong Kong Sustainability Strategic Advisory Limited is a consulting company that focuses on corporate sustainability in environmental, social and governance aspects. In order to improve the overall sustainability performance of the business sector, HKSSA is committed to promoting corporate strategic development, stakeholder communication and improvement of disclosure performance.


About irasia.com (irasia)

Established in 1996, irasia.com Limited is the world's first online platform that provides real-time corporate information distribution for listed companies in Asia. irasia is a one-stop database recommended and used by international institutional investors. Investors can browse first-hand, unedited information issued by listed companies in Asia for free. In addition to providing the best online platform for direct communication between listed companies and investors, irasia also disseminates company information to global institutional investors through other world-class financial channels to establish a cost-effective network for investor relations.


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