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Elegance cares about every particular of our client’s financial documentation. Our inclusive and standardized workflow enables us to gain a full understanding and control over our clients’ needs and objectives, ensuring a consistent and effortless printing journey.

Our highly-professional production teams utilize advanced printing machinery and equipment to deliver high-quality financial and commercial documents.


Comprehensive Investor Relations and Information Disclosure of Listed Companies

Financial Report
  • Content design and production
  • Services cover HK’s listed companies, organizations and government departments
  • In addition to the HK market, we serve clients in China, Singapore, the UK and the US
Corporate Communications
  • Organize corporate events and seminars
  • Investor relations platform
  • Design and produce company promotional materials including brochures, flyers and visual content for social media platforms
Circulars & Announcements
  • Production and typesetting for compliance and legal document
  • Elegance provides services from Monday 09:00 to Saturday 13:00
IPO & Placement Offers
  • Experienced team familiar with the listing preparation process
  • Comprehensive translation, typesetting and proofreading services
  • Hassle-free journey throughout the IPO production process
ESG Report Production & Disclosure Consultation
  • Provide outstanding design, infographics and web solutions
  • We understand ESG and genuinely care
One-Stop Digital Financial Communication Solutions
  • Champions “digitalizing”, “simplifying” and “energizing” financial reports
  • Assists with accurately disseminating important information across social media platforms
  • Corporate website design & production
Commercial Documents Production
  • Provides services for banks and financial institutions, etc.
  • Letter-shopping and direct mail services
  • Inventory control e-platform
  • Our factory is located in Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong
Language Solutions
  • Copywriting, editing, copy-editing and translations
  • Content development with a focus on finance, legal and company listings
  • Deploys computer-aided methods

We care about every particular of your documentation. Our standardized workflow enables us to gain full understanding of your demand, while ensuring clients a consistently smooth and effortless printing journey.

Meanwhile, our production team professionally utilizes our advanced printing machineries and equipment, to deliver financial and commercial documents that are of the highest quality.

Extended Services

Corporate Finance Advisory

Placing and Underwriting Services

ESG Consultation

Business Consultation

Corporate Services

Taxation Services

Risk Advisory

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Cloud Financial Services

Human Resources & Recruitment Consultation

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